People are still fleeing today because of the problems caused by the 1884 Africa Conference in Berlin. At that time, borders were drawn with a ruler through the middle of ethnic groups and states were founded over the heads of the peoples. The peoples were used for the wars between the colonial powers against each other. Since then, the entire continent has been open to the exploitation of its resources. Because the wealth has flowed abroad, the continent has become impoverished. People who flee from there because of this poverty are considered economic refugees here and are not recognized. With the “Compact with Africa” economic conference in Berlin in November 2023, Germany is continuing its colonial policy over the heads of those affected. Africa is to be opened up to the interests of private European companies before China gains greater influence. Once again, the superpowers are dividing Africa up among themselves as a colony. While resources from Africa are very welcome in Germany, refugees are to stay away. In Africa, the industry that is useful for the German economy is to be built up. This further promotes those corrupt and violent governments that allow the greatest leeway for foreign companies instead of serving the interests of their own people. Europe is against wars in Africa that jeopardize smooth exploitation, but not against the violence perpetrated against its own people. The economic deals, in which the governments always have a stake, only come from Europe if these governments are prepared to take back deported refugees. This allows Germany to increase both its imports of resources and the number of deportations. Our social, political and ecological reconstruction after 400 years of colonialism will not happen through European or African state representatives. Only through our self-organization will we be able to achieve decolonization. That is why our projects are important places for meeting, discussion and self-organization in order to realize our own perspectives.

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