Our commitment is only possible through the generosity of interested individuals, friends and sponsors who support us in our work through donations and other means.

You can participate in our work through donations, whether financial support or donations such as computers, instruments and clothing – or by making your time and skills available to us: for translations, accompanying people to hearings, offering computer courses, music and film production, cooking, sports, artistic representation or any form of creative expression that expands the possibilities of those affected and supports the sustainability of our projects.

Your donations also serve to support particularly vulnerable asylum seekers, such as those in prison or those who need significant legal and/or medical support, or who are forcibly deported to their homeland where they face the prospect of being deprived of their livelihood.

Refugees are people who have been forced to leave their countries of origin due to violence, wars, poverty, torture and other inhumanities. Most of them had terrible experiences there, as well as when they fled in search of protection and a dignified life.

The most vulnerable are children, pregnant women and the sick, as well as severely traumatized people. Everyone deserves humane treatment and attention.

Nevertheless, it is the lack of basic, essential supplies that puts refugees in a critical situation.

We are asking for donations because this emergency does not result from the unwillingness of those affected to work or support themselves, but rather from the lack of any opportunity to do so. Please note that most people would be perfectly capable of caring for themselves if given the opportunity.

Be creative and join forces with others to empower the oppressed!


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