About us

On request, we offer escorts for visits to authorities, advise refugees on their asylum applications or objections to official decisions and refer asylum seekers to groups that can help them in their individual situations.

So that refugees can understand asylum-relevant application documents, we offer tailored translations, and we also inform applicants about their rights and obligations in the asylum procedure and also about immigration and social law.

Workshops such as computer courses and asylum-related topics, counseling and placement activities take place in our premises.

This promotes shared exchange and awakens interest in the topic of flight and migration in society, so that refugees have the opportunity to impart their skills and draw attention to their problems – they are supported and accompanied when problems arise within the community of interest. The premises are also the headquarters of the initiative with regular meetings.

In collaboration with various networks, we continue to research the political situation in the countries of origin of the individual refugees in order to draw attention to the consequences of deportations. We are in contact with deportees and document their situation – when deported to their respective country of origin, most of those affected have great problems finding their way back into society and are often considered personally responsible for the “failure” in Europe, sealed by the deportation that took place.

Refugees 4 Refugees wants to reduce the social distance between refugees, migrants and German citizens, as well as break the isolation of refugees, and promote understanding and tolerance on both sides.