Deportees Emergency Reception and Support (DERS)

DERS is a joint project of the local Nigerian alliance NfCMC (Network for Critical Migration Consciousness) and the Stuttgart Network Refugees4Refugees (Association Refugees for Refugees).

The reason for the project is the ongoing and increasing number of deportation flights to Nigeria and the resulting consequences for the deportees, who are usually dropped off without protection in the cargo area of Lagos Airport.

DERS will be on site with its team on every collective deportation flight that it learns about via networks and provide initial emergency aid. Those who were once deported themselves in ourEvelop1 team can build on their experiences in order to develop an understanding of their situation with the deportees.

DERS listens to deportees and documents their reports of mistreatment during deportation. DERS also makes the situation of the deportees visible and calls on the Nigerian government to recognize its responsibility for the deportees.

DERS seeks the release of deportees detained by airport security authorities. According to previous experience, such detentions were usually due to false information provided by the security officials of the deportation countries.

We offer support for deportees who still have outstanding legal procedures and processes in the country of deportation or who want to sue against their detention or deportation, etc.

DERS also organizes sponsors for the deported children in order to give them quick access to school and a future worth living.

Migration is not a crime! Deportees also have rights.

Tel./Whatsapp: +234.817.346.3700